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Our courses are built on the principle that all education is self-education

For this reason we make our offer as immersive and experiential as possible, with artistic and social activity at the heart of what we do.

Lectures, seminars and tutorials play a vital role, but it is the student`s active engagement with ideas and content that underpins their learning.

Content, such as curriculum, child development, anthroposophical and professional skills are there to be explored and challenged, as well as celebrated.

Our tutors are experienced professionals who have worked as teachers and also in school leadership, staff development and Waldorf research

Our courses are designed to help people at very different stages in their professional and personal journeys, whether laying the foundations for a new and successful career, improving their understanding of this education or simply providing a creative and engaging environment for adult education in the company of cheerful, friendly and collaborative peers.

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The Waldorf Institute is applying for charitable status.

The Waldorf Institute is currently formed of a professional partnership between two experienced Waldorf teacher educators, Sven Saar and Alan Swindell. We are in the process of seeking to formalise our structure to create an organisation with a board of trustees and apply to the Charities Commission for charitable status. Interested in becoming a trustee and supporting our work? Get in touch: info@waldorfinstitute.uk


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